Top alternative cuisines in the UK’s biggest cities

Are you looking to open up a restaurant but are not sure of what cuisine you should tailor it to? Well, we have collated data from the TripAdvisor website to help you decide where is best to open up a business and what service you should offer.

This map shows what cuisine (excluding Italian, Chinese and Indian) is the most popular in each of these cities. We have excluded London because as you probably know, they pretty much have every base covered when it comes to being culturally diverse. As you can see, Thai restaurants are quite common, leading the way in six of the ten cities that we have looked at.

You should be looking at where the gap in the market is however, and we have that information too. All of these cities are severely lacking in Egyptian and Sri Lankan restaurants. There may be a reason for this, for example a lack of chefs who know how to cook national dishes. To build a successful business however, you need to exploit a lack of something and make sure yours is unique. Other cuisines that are lacking in these cities include Moroccan and Vietnamese too.

Map of popular cuisine around the UK

Click on the linked image below to check out the top restaurants of each cuisine in each city. All of these restaurants have gained the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

Greek restaurants are well-liked across the country but Newcastle only have four, significantly less than any of the other studied cities. Manchester only has one restaurant that offers Sri Lankan food. Jamboree Foodfest offers one Sri Lankan dish, which is the chicken curry.

Once you find your niche, there is a real chance to make use of the lack of certain cuisines. There is no use trying the traditional cuisines because they are already established in each city and it is very difficult to break the mould when it comes to these. Be unique, be efficient and just watch the money roll in.



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