Stand mixers on your budget wishlist

Beth Rochester looks at the six best stand mixers in your budget, from Bosch to Kenwood.

Morphy Richards Total Control Stand

Morphy Richards

Sleek and powerful, the Morphy Richards Total Control stand mixer is made for those who do not have a large budget, but still want one of the best.

The simple to use mixer has six pre-programmed settings to make it easier for chefs to make recipes, including bread dough and souffle. The Total Control has smart response technology that gives the chef power over the speed and the length of time they are mixed for, making for productive cooking.

Smart technology means that on certain settings, a chef can programme the machine to stop halfway through the process and add any extra ingredients which are required. For ease in any busy kitchen, the mixer has a quick release mechanism that makes switching mixing bowls quick and simple.

With six speed settings and a pulse function, which allow the chef to have total control over the process, the mixer is perfect for large quantities of ingredients. A modern mixer with retro designs the Morphy Richards Total Control includes a cake beater, pastry dough and whisk attachments. You can get this from Curry’s online for a budget price of £129.99.

Bosch CreationLine Kitchen Machine MUM Food Mixer


The CreationLine MUM food mixer has a powerful motor, allowing for attachments to be added onto a standard mixer.

This mixer includes 3D planetary mixing, which makes it more sufficient for different types of ingredients. It has seven speed settings, including a pulse setting. The options include an electronic control that allows the machine to change the speed if it feels necessary, which adds efficiency to the list of pros.

The machine also has an easy-lift, multifunctional arm that has three zones to allow a chef to choose how high they want the arm from the bowl. It is the perfect mixer for a busy kitchen One of the main functions of the arm includes an automatic stand-by setting which makes switching any tools or adding ingredients a much simpler process.

Quiet in operation and with a safety shut off, the mixer is fantastic for any safety-conscious chef who does not like the racket of machinery. It is well built and includes accessories, such as a stainless steel dough hook, whisk and beater for mixing, whipping and kneading.

It also includes a transparent lid that has a feedhole to allow a chef to add ingredients without the fear of creating a mess in a professional kitchen. Get this mixer from John Lewis for £229.95.

Sage by Heston Blumenthal Scraper Mixer Pro


Heston Blumenthal is known for his eccentric cooking style, so it was great news when he brought out a mixer to suit all of his quirky fans.

The Sage has an 800-watt motor that helps the six electronically-controlled speed settings and pulse function along. This mixer is not without its own quirks. With unique technology, the machine is able to tell when a heavier batter is being used so that it can adjust the power, allowing it to maintain the speed.

It comes with an exclusive tool – a double scrape beater – to allow for the batter to be scraped from the sides and added into the main body of the mixture. This has shown to reduce mixing down by 60 per cent.

The beater increases the efficiency of mixing, as it scrapes the bowl approximately 1,300 times in a planetary mixing cycle. Sage also has a timer so that you can carry on with other tasks while the process completes. You can get this from for £249.99.

kMix Raspberry Kitchen Machine

Kenwood kMix

Kenwood, a reliable household name, has produced some of the best known kitchenware in history. Designed to be able to handle a variety of recipes, this mixer has a range of attachments, including one that holds a unique folding function.

This is used to allow ingredients to be incorporated into the mixture without losing any air, which can be essential in many recipes. To be able to use such a function, this mixer has another unique quality that permits it to rotate on a 2.5 revolution action, making it perfect for pastry.

The product also has a planetary mixing action that allows for a mixture to be blended together with efficiency.

The machine and attachments are designed to handle large quantities of ingredients. The attachments function will automatically stop when the head is lifted, making for safe cooking. It has advanced electronic speed control with six settings, and can adapt to change the speed to meet the need of the recipe without causing any spills.

The kMix comes complete with a dough hook, k-beater, whisk and a safety splash guard. Get this from Kenwood world for £429.98.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer

KitchenAid, in addition to being well-loved across the world, is famous for being used on well known TV show, The Great British Bake Off.
Despite the culinary disasters that some of the contestants face, KitchenAid mixers never fail to see their users through. The easy-clean design makes for versatile use and is perfect for large quantities of mixture, particularly when baking or making bread dough.
The single purpose multi-attachment hub makes for flexible use, and with the price including a splash-proof cover, wire whip, flat beater and dough hook, you cannot go wrong. Get this from Amazon for £571.12. 
Kenwood Cook Chef Mixer and Cooker

The Kenwood Cooking Chef is our most expensive pick of the bunch. It is designed to not only be a stand mixer, but can also double as a cooker.

The machine has a 1500 watt motor that can offer eight different speeds, including pulse and folding functions. It also includes an 1100 watt oven for induction cooking that has three stir speeds for continuous or intermittent stirring.

The machine has an LCD screen on the side with a standard cordial dial and timer, which means that while it is modern, it also incorporates some old stand mixer designs.

The machine has four power outlets for a variety optional attachments, including a splash-guard with a feed chute to reduce mess. The Kenwood Cook Chef mixer includes a K-beater, dough hook, power whisk, stirring tools and a flexible beater.

Due to the cooking variations of the machine, it also comes with a steamer basket and heat shield. This product combines high-level food preparation with in-bowl cooking, giving chefs that necessary efficiency to make a meal using only one utensil – perfect for a small kitchen.

You can buy this for £1099.99 at Lakeland.

For your chance to win a Kenwood Cooking Chef stand mixer, enter our competition here.


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