Restaurant closed due to cockroach infestation

An Indian restaurant in Glenfield, Leicestershire was shut down on the spot by health inspectors after they discovered a cockroach infestation in the kitchen.

Customers had to leave their half-eaten meals as inspectors waded in to intervene at Sand’s of Glenfield, located on Station Road, on February 4.

Inspectors issued an order which closed down the restaurant immediately after they found both dead and alive cockroaches in the kitchen, including in the food store and in three of the freezers.

It was also noted that there was an abundance of open and uncovered food left out on kitchen surfaces, and that there was food debris, grease and grime on various surfaces.

A spokesperson for the council said: “A resident of the district made us aware that a pest control company had been visiting Sand’s.

“We served a hygiene emergency prohibition order on Sand’s of Glenfield for a cockroach infestation, on Saturday, February 4.

“The business is now formally closed as a food business until our environmental health team are satisfied that the health risk condition no longer exists.”

Diners quickly took to the internet to share their views with the general public. One account on the well-trusted restaurant and hotel review website TripAdvisor read: “Cockroaches found in the kitchen, place shut down. I would avoid this establishment like the plague, unless you want the plague.”

Another said: “Sand’s was closed down due to the unhygienic premises. It was so bad that it featured in East Midlands Today on the BBC. The pictures of live and dead cockroaches in the kitchens will ensure that we will never visit here again!”

Sand’s will now have to complete paperwork and send it to the council, whose representatives will have two weeks to examine the premises and decide whether it would be viable to reopen the site.


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