Why are restaurants wasting food?

Restaurants across the country are being urged to be more cautious when throwing food away.

Resource efficiency business Wrap has revealed Britain’s dining scene is wasting more than 600,000 tonnes of food a year.  This equates to 40 per cent of Britain’s food waste.

Studies by Waste Cost Solutions has revealed that up to 10 per cent of food is thrown away before it even gets to the table.

Why waste?

Many chefs are incorrectly preparing food, overestimating portions and having to throw food away that is going out of date.

Meat, fish, fruit and vegetables are the most common food wasted due to having short expiry dates.

Millie Ashbee, a spokesperson for La Belle Assiette, said portion control is one of the keys to restaurants combating food waste: “It takes a talented chef to not waste food, but our chefs learn to regularly check expiry dates, use ingredients for other dishes and freeze for later use to keep waste to a minimal.

“One thing that cannot be helped is a customer ordering too much food. This will always be a problem for the restaurant industry.”

credit: pexels

Technology tackles food waste 

During the last year, apps have been set up to help UK restaurants reduce food waste. It gives consumers an affordable takeout, with dishes often discounted by 60 per cent.

Too Good to Go and Lunchie lets foodies log on to the app and buy left over servings when restaurants are coming to a close.

There are 95 restaurants now signed up to To Good to Go in London. To find out how to get your restaurant involved, visit here.


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