Important things to consider before opening your restaurant

Branding your restaurant
Shot of a chef looking at an order in the kitchenhttp://
Shot of a chef looking at an order in the kitchen. credit: Just Eat

This is important. Before putting your plans into action, you need to think carefully about how successful you can make your business.
This can stem from how you decide which service you will be offering. For example, there is no use launching a new fish and chip shop in Blackpool.They are dotted around the seaside town, so people already have their favourites and are consequently less likely to experiment.
Your best bet is to look at what is missing from an area, and then exploit that.

If there are only two Lebanese restaurants in Manchester, there is definitely room for a third. But, do not just copy what is already out there – you need to stand out from the crowd. Offer something special, so that people want to visit.
Lastly, take care with the placement of your restaurant. Opening up a fine dining restaurant on a council estate in London is probably not the best idea.

Social Media

In an ever evolving technological environment, one of the biggest players in brand promotion is social media.
How will people know about your new restaurant? You need to get yourself out there, and that means building up an online presence.

social-media - credit Flickr Blogtrepreneur -
Social media logos credit: flickr

Firstly, create yourself a website and list all the services you intend to offer whilst also making it immersive, so customers can interact with you.
This can build up a relationship with your customers, which is integral.

Then, expand your brand onto sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Once you are on all of these, you are set.
But, remember to keep it fresh, because there is nothing more aggravating than a website that is not updated on a regular basis, or a company that does not post much on social media when you follow them.

If you are finding it difficult to build a fan base online, try and get in touch with some local culture pages and ask them if they can give you a mention.
It is likely that they will have a lot of followers because people are always interested in the community that they live in.

Environmental issues

Before you open your restaurant, you need to contact your local authority to check a few things.
Firstly, they will be able to inform you whether you need to register your food business. If so, you should register at least 28 days before opening.

The local authority will be able to assist with planning your business, as well as organising waste and recycling collection.
It is a pivotal aspect of opening your restaurant so you are making sure you are not breaching the law and keeping your premises spic and span.
You can register your business online here.

If you are intending to sell animal produce such as meat and fish, then it would be wise again to ring up your local authority for advice.

Hispanic Chef preparing dinner
Chef preparing. credit: Just Eat

It is also imperative that you keep up a good level of food hygiene to prevent customers getting food poisoning.
For a full list of what you need to know and do before opening up your restaurant, including environmental and health and safety issues, take a look here.
If you need to know anything else from us about starting up your business, then fill out this contact form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


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